Quaint German countryside

The old picturesque village of Flörsheim was first mentioned in 828 in an old administrational document. Since that time, due to its location in the middle of fertile farmland right at the river Main, close to the old important trading city of Frankfurt, it developed into a settlement initially of fishermen and wine and grain raising farmers, and later of craftsmen and small scale manufacturers in addition. Flörsheim and the nearby villages Wicker and Weilbach, nowadays incorporated districts, are still surrounded by gentle hills covered by vineyards and foot and cycle paths. The waterfront invites strollers to sit down and watch the passing boats on their way up the river to the big ports of Frankfurt or down to the old roman founded city of Mainz with its impressive romanesque cathedral. Only a short walk from the river through the quaint narrow lanes of the old village takes you to the hostel.

  • Flörsheimer Warte: 1km
  • Short trip around: 20km
  • Mainz round trip: 2 x 15km
  • Wiesbaden round trip: 2 x 15km
  • Suburbs of Frankfurt / Höchst: 2 x 15km
  • XXXL Schnitzels: 15km